My plan is posting every Friday at 20:00 about my Lifestyle to share with you my way of improving and having a positive life. You will read about my trips, style and lifestyle.

I think changing the right thing in our style can make us feeling more confident and travelling make people happier and richer (almost everybody).

So, it is all focused in having a happy life. I would be very glad if you share your opinion and tips with us and, of course, you can also let me know what would you like to read in future posts.

I hope to help and inspire you in some way.

See you every Friday! 🙂



Current Wishlist for the New Year

Happy 26th of December! Boxing day in some countries. We do not celebrate this in Spain, but I got used to it very quick, it is bank holiday and most of the shops start their amazing sales!

I have to admit that I get crazy with bargains and shopping in general… Therefore, I decided to do a wish list to see what I would like to have and what I really need so I avoid wasting money and time.

Let me share it with you!

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My 25th birthday, party and holiday

I am already back after a well deserved holiday to Spain! 🙂 Last 9th May was my birthday and I felt like being with my family and friends and, of course, having a relaxing and resting week away. Therefore, I spent a few days in Málaga and after that we went to Canary Islands.

Today I am telling you how I celebrated my 25th birthday in England and Spain, and I am showing my favourite places to you so you get to know a bit about me.
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Eco breakfast at home & favourite shops in Liverpool

I always try to eat healthy and buy quality and eco products, although, sometimes, it’s a bit difficult to do it because we don’t have enough time. But I’ve had three days off this week, two of them in a row (yayy!) and we were able to buy in our favourites eco and handmade shops.

I’d like to show you these places, because, honestly, it’s such a big difference when you have a good product full of flavour, and that will be better for your health.

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2 days in Paris, travel guide.

City of lights, city of love: the beautiful Paris  As soon as I stepped off the train I started to feel in love with the beauty of its streets, I could not stop smiling.

To be honest, I have never been interested in visiting this city, don’t ask me why but I used to like to travel to other French cities. I used to imagine Paris with friends, so I wanted to do a girls trip more than a romantic trip -of course, I changed my mind after visiting it and I think is perfect for any kind of trip.

So, I though it would be great to go with my mum because she grew up there and was her birthday. I think we need to spend all the time we can with our mums and create lovely memories for the future.

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10 best things to do in Málaga

I was born in Málaga, Spain, 24 years ago. All my family is from Madrid, but I was lucky and my mother moved to this paradise. When I finished University in 2015 I moved to England with my boyfriend to start the adventure of learning a new language. We are so happy and it was something that we decided, but after 2 years I miss Málaga a lot! And even more after this week there. 

Today I would like to show you why Málaga is that special, beautiful and one of the best destinations for almost everyone. Keep reading to see my favourites places and the things you need to do when you go there (because after reading it, you’ll want to go) Continue reading “10 best things to do in Málaga”

Travel diary: Berlin city break in winter

Hiya!!!! 🙂

It has been a while since my last post but I’ve had very busy weeks at work, working 9 or 10 hours, day & late shifts… I’m sorry! From now I will try to write a little bit everyday and have the post ready for Friday.


Today’s post is about my trip to Berlin. Many of you have already seen some pictures on my Instagram, so, today I will share the details, hotel and cool spots.

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Madrid: 2 days in this amazing city

I went to Spain last week for two days, my days off at work -I didn’t want to take holidays because we were so busy, so I spent just two days, but it was worth it. I saw all my family and a few friends and we enjoyed every minute of that company, sun, food, weather…

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Look of the day: blue coat

It’s been a loooong and hard week but here I am again, excited to share with you my outfit of the day!

I wore this last Thursday on my day off, that is when I have some free time to take pictures. Luckily the weather was nice and let me take a few photos of my look.

15592110_10207551092525235_1987830974_n15571336_10207551091125200_109935447_n15555114_10207551087725115_481636503_nProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset15592344_10207551086045073_1280685192_n15554713_10207551093445258_1546450148_n

I’m wearing:

Blue coat -Mark&Spencer (similar here)
Mom Jeans -Primark
Pale pink sweater -Primark
Blanket scarf -Primark
Bag -H&M
Sneakers –Adidas

I love wearing basic items and then add a special one, it’s actually what I normally do when I don’t have inspiration or time. I think having some basics in your wardrobre makes your time to dress easier. Check this post to see how I do it.

Have a good night guapos! 🙂


40 amazing gift ideas for this Christmas

There are only 15 days until Christmas!!!

I am sure you have already started doing your Christmas shopping or you are doing it soon, so, today I am sharing with you my gift guide. I think this can help you deciding those gifts you haven’t bought yet, or if you have not started (like me) and have no idea, keep reading, there are some interesting stuff over here 🙂 Continue reading “40 amazing gift ideas for this Christmas”